My NestEgg file was saved as *.TXT

If your local NestEgg file has been saved as a .TXT file then  it has been corrupted and cannot be used.

The Brave Browser by default offers users the .DAT file format as .TXT. As such we do not recommend you use Brave for navigating Nestegg.

The table below summarises your options if you have a corrupted local NestEgg file.

Did you pay the Annual Fee yet?Did you set up 2FA (Two Factor Authentication)?Your Options
Sorry but your Text NestEgg file is corrupted and cannot be used or restored.

You can upload a previous copy of the file (if you have one) and re-enter the most current information.

OR you can download a new NestEgg file and start again.
The good news is that your information is saved on the Blockchain and can be recovered.

However this is a process we have to do for you.

Create a ticket to do this and choose the option (Paid Account File Restore)

You will need to give us the email address that is registered in NestEgg and we will only communicate with you on that address to resolve the issue.
Great, you are able to restore your local NestEgg file yourself.

Please follow the instructions below to restore your local NestEgg file.

Restore instructions for users who Paid the Annual fee AND setup 2FA.

If you HAVE created your Smart Contract AND setup Google 2FA account recovery 

  • You can restore your local file only if you have setup your Smart Contract (so you have paid your annual fee) AND you enabled Google Two Factor Authentication (2FA)
  • In this case please navigate to the NestEgg Login Page
  • Click the "Forgot your password or lost data-key?" link

You will now see the "Recover Your NestEgg Account" page

  1. UUID
    1. This is the UUID number found on your Google Authenticator entry for NestEgg

  2. New Password
    1. Choose a new Password for your new NestEgg file
  3. Google Authenticator Key
    1. Enter the Six Digit Number shown on Google Authenticator into this box
  4. Recover Your Account
    1. Click to recover your account

You will now be given a new NestEgg local file. 

Login to NestEgg and follow the on-screen instructions to sync your Local NestEgg file with your Information on the Blockchain.