Adding a Wallet ID - How and Why to do it.

You add your Public Wallet IDs to NestEgg so that your loved ones can see, should they need to, what Cryptos you own under on which Blockchains.

If you use a Multi-Coin wallet or only use Exchanges to store your Cryptos then it is not 100% essential to list your Wallet IDs but the more information you leave for your Trustees then the better informed they will be should something happen to you.


Click on the "Add Wallet Button"

Select your Coin Type from the COIN Drop Down List

If your Coin Type is not listed then choose OTHER from the Drop Down List and enter the Symbol for your coin into the COIN SHORT NAME box

Enter your Description of the Public Key (Wallet ID) into the text field
EG "My Coinbase BTC Wallet" or "My Hardware Wallet ETH Wallet"
Copy and Paste your Wallet ID into the PUBLIC KEY (WALLET ID) field

Enter any TAG ID that may be applied. Sometimes an Exchange when dealing with coins such as XRP will give users an additional ID String or ID number as well as a Wallet ID. If so then please enter that here.

Click SAVE

  • If you have been successful then your Wallet ID is now registered in the Wallet List at the bottom of the page. 
  • Click the Public Key of your Coin to check your balance on the relevant Blockchain Explorer Website