To use the NestEgg service you need an Ethereum Wallet with a small balance in it. 

  • This is because your NestEgg details are saved on the Ethereum Blockchain. 
  • Your details are saved to your own, individual Ethereum Smart Contract
  • That Ethereum Smart Contract needs to be associated with an Ethereum Wallet ID (Public Key) in order for you to update it with your information.

Setting up your Default ETH Wallet

Once you have your ETH wallet and it is funded you need to enter it into the My Cryptos section of NestEgg (Step 1)

1 - Enter the Wallet ID details as per usual

2 - At the end of the form you will see the "Main ETH Wallet" selector below

3 - Click the button to the Green "ON" position to select this ETH Wallet as the Default Wallet that your Smart Contract will be associated with

4 - Click SAVE to save the Wallet Details

5 - You will see the Default Icon next to this ETH Wallet in your Wallet List