How to fix this error message if you see it

  • NestEgg will validate your Public Key string to make sure it is the correct format for the Coin you have chosen
    • Unless you have selected "OTHER" as your Coin Type
  • This is to help users avoid errors in their Wallet ID data entry

Trouble Shooting Tips

  1. Check to make sure you are using the right Wallet ID for the right Coin Type
  2. Look for spaces at the start or end of the String (NestEgg will trim these automatically in most Browsers)
  3. Ensure you do not have any typos at the end of your Public Key (Wallet ID)
    1. Which is the case with this Ripple (XRP) Wallet ID
  4. If your issue still persists then select CLOSE from the bottom two options and re-try your information again
  5. Should you issue still persist please let us know in the Support Forum