STEP 2 - My Trustee

This is where you register the Trustee(s) that you have chosen to receive your NestEgg information, should it ever be sent to them.

You add your Trustee(s) into NestEgg and we send them an Opt-In email for them to accept or reject.

If your NestEgg information ever gets sent out then the Trustees will receive the information:

  • Step 1 - My Cryptos  (An inventory of your Cryptos)
  • Step 3 - My Data  (Instructions, advice and messages to your Trustees about your Cryptos or anything you want)

  • You need to enter your Trustee's Email Address and any message you may wish to send them.
  • You can have multiple Trustees, in fact we advise that you do
  • We also suggest you set yourself up as a Trustee as well
    • This is because you will not be allowed to progress to Step 3 - My Data until at least one of your Trustees has accepted the Trustee Opt-In email