My Data is where you leave messages and instructions for your Trustees.

My Data is a very simple format. You type out a letter and save it.

If NestEgg sends your Crypto details to your Trustees this letter, along with the Inventory of Wallets is what they will receive.

However you will find that the My Data section can be difficult to complete so we have prepared some templates to help you.

Be prepared to spend an hour to three or four hours working on, and perfecting, the information you leave in the My Data section. We have
Blog Posts dedicated to helping you get the most from this section of NestEgg. So that you can pass on your details whilst keeping your
risks to a minimum,

We Strongly Recommend you do NOT put Passwords or Private Keys into this Section

If you do need to communicate such details NestEgg has a Blog post that can help you do this. You can read this at XXXXXXXXX

Your NestEgg contents are stored only on your own computer and the Ethereum Blockchain. But if your NestEgg contents are emailed
to your Trustees due to you losing email access for technical reasons (for example) then you may not want your Trustees having those

details whilst your Cryptos are still YOUR Cryptos.

We have Templates you can use for the My Data section.

With this in mind NestEgg has prepared Templates for you to use to securely pass on your Crypto details without needing to risk sending
Usernames, Passwords or Private keys to your Trustees via NestEgg.