What do these Buttons mean?

When you complete Step 4 - Email Check-In you are now presented with two options

  • Sync Data File
  • My Smart Contract

1 - Sync Your Data-File First

Please do this to make sure all your recent changes are saved locally on your computer

2 - Choose My Smart Contract

Select the "My Smart Contract" button to setup your Smart Contact and begin using the NestEgg service

How to Make Payment

1 - Choose Your Payment Option (Click the Coin You Will Use to Make Payment)

2 - You are then given Payment Instructions

  • In this case we have chosen to pay using ETH
  • We need to send 0.2841111 ETH to the Ethereum Address shown on the screen
  • You can copy the payment address using the "Copy Address" icon

3 - When the Transaction gets its first Confirmation on the Blockchain you will see the Payment Detected Icon appear

  • Please note...by the time you use NestEgg we should have learned how to spell "Deploying" correctly.
  • Network latency and lag may mean that you are waiting for some time for Payment to be processed correctly
  • You can close Nestegg and return at a later time if you wish (make sure to save any updates before you log out)

4 -Once three confirmations are received you will get the Successful Payment message

5 - Please wait a few moments for NestEgg to update itself with the details of your new Smart Contract

  • Congratulations, you now have a Paid up NestEgg account.  
  • If you want to learn how to manage your Smart Contract please see the dedicated FAQ in our Help Section