You can stop the NestEgg process for 90 days if you wish.

If you need to stop NestEgg's 'Check-in Emails' for any reason you can do so for up to 90 days.

1- Click on the "My Smart Contract" button

2- Look for the "Take A Break" option.

3- Click the button to put NestEgg on hold for 90 days.

4 - The 90 day window starts when the button is switched to ON but here is a hint how to extend the 90 day period

  • If after 30 days you switch the Take A Break button OFF  and then switch it back ON again, another 90 day period will start
  • So if you need more than 90 days away from Email / NestEgg and you can access the Application during that period then this is how to extend the 90 day window